5 Administrator Problems That School Management Software Solves

5 administrator problems

If you’re running a school or part of the administration of any school, then you’ll understand how difficult it can be to juggle many tasks. You may always feel like you are constantly firefighting, and there are never enough hours in the day to get it all done. Well, how would you feel if there was a solution that takes away all the administrative headaches?

You may feel like you are constantly firefighting and that there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. Wouldn't it be great if there was software that could help take care of some of those administrative headaches for you?

Well, there is!  School Management ERP software solves five common administrator problems. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Handling Finances:

School Management software is the perfect solution for handling finances by providing an effective and improved financial management system  Which reduces the dependency on spreadsheets and manual ledger books. School management solutions can streamline by automating payment processes, fee collections and invoicing.

2. Automatically assigns tasks:

School management solutions automatically create tasks and assign them to relevant faculties and staff members, whilst keeping a track of their progress.

3. Data management:

School management software helps organise information and make it easily accessible. It also ensures that the data is not leaked, modified or damaged due to internal and external factors. This way one can ensure proper management of students, parents, alumni, teachers and other staff. All the data in one place without ever losing it to physical or technical damage. Automates Exam Results  School management solutions help faculties generate real-time reports, and consolidated mark sheets without any human errors.

4. Notifying parents about important news/updates:

Through the software, you can notify parents and guardians about upcoming events and immediate emergencies. Great ERP software helps to streamline operations so that everything runs smoothly from the beginning until the end of the course with no major hiccups along the way... That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

5. SUMS is the ultimate 360 Degree ERP Web, and Mobile Application:

Meant for simplifying daily tasks for educational institutes, parents, teachers and students. It offers a user-friendly, highly intuitive platform with dashboards for seamless login access for every member. Administrative staff, parents, teachers, students and even trustees can use this application to maintain their daily tasks and hassle-free communication. By implementing SUMS, institutes can focus on improving their quality of education to reach their desired goals quickly.

SUMS Features:

The Ideal School Manager Use Anywhere, anytime: SUMS is available for all. One-touch application, with smart features, enables you to get access from any location, at any time.

  • Paperless, Environment-Friendly: It's time to save the resources around us. Go paperless with SUMS and resources for the future.
  • Easy & Quick Communication: Inclusive platform offering seamless communication features for all. Got a query? Ask the expert anytime or communicate freely without boundaries. One-Tap Registration System: Student registration is made easy with SUMS. Exam & Time-Table Management: Teachers, get ready to save time with SUMS. Manage your timetables and exam schedule with a few taps.
  • Fee Management: Tap, select and pay. A one-tap solution to pay your fees with SUMS.
    Integrated Financial Accounting: Admins and users communicate easily while maintaining financial records with SUMS.
  • Library Management: No repetitive tasks or manual labour for maintaining library records. Book records management is made easy and hassle-free with SUMS.

The future is here and it's looking for you. Join the smart school revolution today!

SUMS automation tools can take care of any need, from attendance tracking to grading; we have everything that a traditional educator could want in one place (plus more).
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