Frequently Asked Question

Here are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If there is a question that we’ve not already answered, please contact us.

SUMS Application is a multipurpose software application that can provide you with solutions of all your temporary and permanent problems in managing and operating your educational institute. For more details, click on

Yes. Our support team is constantly working to deliver all your specific requirements. To discuss this in detail you can call us on +91 9029401855 /+91 9820383616 or write us on or .

When you join SUMS Application, you’ll be taken through a series of on-boarding sessions to help you get the best out of the solution. Our team will conduct individual group sessions with you and your team.

SUMS Application can store up to 5000 student records per account. We are currently working on increasing this storage capacity. For more details, contact us.

We give you complete freedom to personalize SUMS Application. You can add the name and logo of your institute and a lot more. For further details you can call us on +91 9029401855 /+91 9820383616 or write us on or .

Yes, we have a facility that we have to configure attendance machine with the software. We can attach Bio Metric machine with the software and you can get attendance for student and staff, both with its different attendance reports.

Yes you can export the reports in the excel and pdf formats in just 3 simple steps. In order to do so follow the instructions given below.
Step 1 : Go to reports
Step 2 : Click on the reports you want to download.
Step 3 : Click on to the export option on the top right corner of the screen to download it.

This can be tailored to:
Yes, we do offer you the ability to send our SMS messages under our premium benefits package. For more details, contact us on: +91 9029401855/+91 9820383616

Our support team is constantly working for providing you with the best experience.
For any query you can call us on +91 9029401855 / +91 9820383616
Or email us on anytime from Monday to Friday between 10-8pm.

We ensure that your data is safe with us. We sign a legal Non Disclosure agreement with you for the same.

As long as you want! All you need to do is renew your subscription annually.

Write to us on
You can also contact us on +91 9029401855 / +91 9820383616

Yes, using our new webclass feature, teachers can give live online lectures to students.
This is an easy to use feature that was designed so students do not face any gap in education or in case teachers need to take extra classes.

No. Additional hardware or software is not required for webclass. You can use your mobile/laptop to run it. You just need to allow to the permission to access to use camera and recorder and you are good to go.

Yes, Students can participate during the online lectures as Webclass provides two way communications.