About Us

Our mission is to transform education by bringing together teachers, students, parents and management in one single platform.

SUMS is part of Sujal Technologies Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of a UK based company, Wellness, Technology and Media Group (WeMet).

SUMS exists to transform the way educational institutes manage and maintain all operational aspects that go hand in hand with running a school, college or university. Our solutions were designed out of an understanding that in order for the future generation to achieve success, educational institutes need to transform and change the way they run their institutes.

That’s why we’ve developed a solution that not only brings back efficiencies, but also protects data created and stored.

Through SUMS, we’re focused on transforming the lives of management, staff, teachers and parents by providing a platform where everyone can easily manage, communicate and watch the progress of every student.

We understand that there are big problems with the way education is being handled. There are too many processes, too many procedures to follow, and just not enough time to focus on delivering quality education.

We understand that transitioning from old habits into new ones can be a challenge, and that’s why we have a dedicated team who can help you transition your institute into a SMART one without any headaches.