Top 5 Challenges Faced By School Management

Top 5 Challenges Faced By School Management

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a school that isn't fully digitized. As a result, many school management teams struggle to keep up with various tasks & responsibilities. For years, school management has been struggling to keep up with the ever-changing needs of students, teachers, and parents. At the heart of these challenges is a lack of resources and outdated methods.

Here are the Top 5 Challenges Every School Face:

1. Poor data management: Schools have a lot of data to manage. From student records, reports, papers, timetables and many others. However, very often this data is scattered, and stored in multiple areas. With the lack of infrastructure and processes, many schools suffer from poor data management leading to data loss and an increase in costs.

2. Fee/Finance/Revenue Management: With the cost of education rising and budgets tightening, schools are finding it difficult to maintain their finances. In order to properly manage their finances, schools need to be able to accurately forecast their income and expenses. They also need to have systems in place to track and collect payments.

3. Poor Communication: Poor communication between parents and school staff is a major problem that contributes to the overall ineffective management of schools.When parents and teachers are not able to communicate effectively, it can have a negative impact on the entire school community & learning.

4. Low productivity due to lots of paperwork: It's no secret that paperwork is a necessary evil in the world of education. From progress reports to behavior plans, teachers are bogged down with an ever-growing pile of paperwork. Whilst this paper shuffling may be necessary to track student progress, it can also have a negative impact on teachers’ According to a Nationally representative study of teachers, just 46 percent of their time is spent teaching.

5. Insufficient monitoring of staff and student performance: Tracking the progress of students and staff can be a challenge for any organization. There are a number of factors that can contribute to this challenge, including the size of the organization, the number of employees, and the number of locations. This can make it difficult to gauge how well everyone is doing and where they need improvement.

There's no denying that running a school is a complex task, that’s where a school management softwares like SUMS provide a central platform to efficiently manage all administrative duties.

SUMS is the ultimate 360 Degree ERP Web, and Mobile Application designed for simplifying daily tasks for educational institutes, parents, teachers and students. It offers a user-friendly, highly intuitive platform with dashboards for seamless login access for every member.

Administrative staff, parents, teachers, students and even trustees can use this application to maintain their daily tasks and hassle-free communication. By implementing SUMS, institutes can focus on improving their quality of education delivered to students.

SUMS: The Ideal School Manager

  • Use Anywhere, anytime: SUMS is available for all. One-touch application, with smart features, enables you to get access from any location, at any time.
  • Paperless, Environment-Friendly: It's time to save the resources around us. Go paperless with SUMS and resources for the future.
  • Easy & Quick Communication: Inclusive platform offering seamless communication features for all. Got a query? Ask the expert anytime or communicate freely without boundaries.
  • One-Tap Registration System: Student registration made easy with SUMS.
  • Exam & Time-Table Management: Teachers, get ready to save time with SUMS. Manage your timetables and exam schedule with a few taps.
  • Fee Management: Tap, select and pay. A one-tap solution to pay your fees with SUMS.
  • Integrated Financial Accounting: Admins and users communicate easily while maintaining financial records with SUMS.
  • Library Management: No repetitive tasks or manual labour for maintaining library records. Book records management made easy and hassle-free with SUMS.

The future is here and it's looking for you. Join the smart school revolution today!

SUMS automation tools can take care any need, from attendance tracking to grading; we have everything that a traditional educator could want in one place (plus more).

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