The Best Way To Keep Parents In The Loop About Their Child’s Education

The Best Way To Keep Parents In The Loop About Their Child’s Education

There’s no doubt that teachers and parents need to be on the same page when it comes to a child’s education. Parent-teacher communication is essential for any child’s success. Unfortunately, with hectic schedules and limited resources, it can be difficult to keep the lines of communication open. However, the evolution of technology has meant it can bridge the gap between parents and teachers, making it easier for them to talk about a child’s progress despite busy schedules.

Pre- Covid, meetings between parents and teachers used to be face to face, but even that was difficult to manage with parents often having to take time off work to be physically present.

Since Covid, many business sectors, including schools have adapted to new technology. With the arrival of modern technology, communication between schools and parents has forever changed. Teachers and parents can connect from anywhere, using digital communication methods such as email, video conferencing, and instant messaging.. from anywhere, using a digital platform like email or messaging applications to discuss difficulties that may occur during their child’s educational journey without having to drive over an hour for a single meeting.

The benefits of using technology for teachers and parents

There are several ways to use technology and promote interaction, from programming to sharing information from the classroom. It enables parents to be more involved in their children’s education. The new “effective media” help improve communication between home and school by making it easier for students to learn.

Technology-assisted parent-teacher communication is not only new, but it is also more effective. Here’s a list of the significant benefits:

Instant Communication between Teachers and Parents

For years, parents have often struggled with attending face-to-face parent-teacher meetings. However, since the uptake of video conferencing, parents can instantly connect with their child’s teacher.

Keeps parents in the loop with student progress

The use of LMS (Learning Management Systems) has revolutionized the education sector giving parents an entire view of their child’s progress at school week by week. The LMS system caters to enabling quick conversations between classes for teachers and parents.

In addition to LMS systems, School management solutions such as SUMS provide parents with insights into how their child is progressing and be able to access reports anytime, anywhere.

 Allow parents to participate in the learning environment

Now parents can be more involved in their child’s school experience through LMS and video tools. Teachers use two-way conferencing to facilitate creative inclusion of both parent and teacher into the classroom with student portfolio apps!

Here are a few ways parents can digitally participate in the classroom:

  • To observe show-and-tells, join video calls, or watch recorded videos.
  • Students can use screencasting to record themselves talking about their work to aid with career discovery.
  • Assist students with video assignments and other forms of digital learning.

 Provide several ways to communicate with parents and teachers

Not all parents wish to communicate with their children’s teachers the same way. Not all parents can able to communicate in the same manner. Although email or web-based communication may appear to be the most popular and modern option, not every parent has consistent or dependable internet connection or computer literacy abilities.

Texting is becoming an increasingly crucial mode of parent-teacher contact, particularly among populations who are less inclined to communicate through a computer or who do not have consistent internet access. Parents and teachers can now choose a communication method that is both simple and effective in improving student performance.

3 Ways to Improve Parent-Teacher Communication with Technology

While adopting parent-teacher communication tools can save you time, enhanced transparency and access can make parents feel like they have a right to know everything that is going on in your classroom. Fortunately, your classroom may reap the benefits of using technology to interact with parents while avoiding the drawbacks.

Technology helps to connect with parents in several ways, including email, SMS, and classroom management software. Let’s take a look at each tool and communication technique for increasing parent trust and reducing parental entitlement while also reinforcing student accountability.


Email is used by several schools to communicate with their parents. The method for each parent to register is simple if there is a customized email platform (just for school communication). The technology records the entire process, including which representatives opened the email and clicked on the text links. Teachers can use this information to see each family’s reading level and take corrective action if reading rates are low. 


Text communication with parents is simple thanks to various apps such as WhatsApp and other communication platforms. With these communication tools, teachers can send messages to a single parent or student or a group of parents or students.

Software for Classroom Management

Classroom management software is a comprehensive approach to parent-teacher-student communication. It combines email and text, along with digital resources, student blogs, a grade book, and recognitions. Parents can view grades and student portfolios on one platform and also get access to classroom announcements online. And parents can easily communicate with teachers via email or text within a single system.

How SUMS helps bring parents, teachers, and students together

SUMS application is a comprehensive ERP and mobile-based solution designed to break down communication barriers between parents, teachers, and students. It is intelligently built to deliver the finest user experience. SUMs are packed with a variety of modules designed to bring in efficiencies from teaching to admissions. From a communication perspective, the inbuilt instant messenger gives teachers, parents, and students the flexibility to connect. For school emergencies, SUMS allows schools to send a broadcast notifying all parents, and students of the latest updates. What’s more the E-Class module available within SUMS provides security, interactiveness, and continued online learning support.

Communication between parents and teachers is important for the success of children in school. However, with the help of technology, this process can be made easier and more efficient. SUMS is the perfect solution for schools that want to upgrade their technology and communication with parents. With comprehensive software that includes messaging, attendance, grades, classroom planning, and access to a 24/7 education resource library. Sums have everything you need to connect with parents and improve your school’s performance. Contact us today to learn more about how Sums can help SUMs is packed with a variety of modules designed to bring in efficiencies from teaching to admissions. From a communication, perspective your school takes the next step in modernization.


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