Make Your Classroom Future Ready With These 4 Changes


It was only a few decades ago that textbooks were the primary source of learning in most classrooms. Since then technology has become an integral component of daily life and education is no exception. Computers, tablets and online resources are now essential educational tools for driving how educators teach and students learn.

With technology constantly evolving, have you ever wondered what the classroom of tomorrow would look like? We’ve seen technology transform every industry, from manufacturing to finance. But when it comes to education, there’s still a debate about its role and impact.

Here are four changes that you can make to help give your school an extra futuristic touch.

1. Group discussion Beyond School: Group discussions are important as it promotes and encourages critical thinking, creative problem solving and collaboration skills. However, this should not be restricted to within the walls of the classroom or be limited to school hours. With accelerated advancements in technology, students can easily access and engage in intellectual discussions virtually anytime and from anywhere. Whether it is via an online app or through video conferencing facilities. They can also invite their mentors and teachers to join the discussion if needed. So we can say that In the futuristic classroom distance between students is no longer an obstacle when it comes to engaging in group discussions!

2. E- resources or E-library: In the fast-paced world, access to information is invaluable. E-resources are quickly becoming an indispensable asset to students around the globe as they provide 24x7 accessibility to a wealth of knowledge. With endless resources readily available, students can stay on top of their students no matter where they are.

3. Online Classes: Online classes offer students the opportunity to learn from anywhere, anytime! Studying no longer has to be confined to classrooms, now it can happen from any place that sits comfortably for the student. Today’sstudents are lucky to have this valuable tool at their disposal - education without boundaries is here! This is an invaluable resource, especially for students who are unwell to attend classes in person. The added benefit of online classes is that the sessions can be recorded, so students can rewatch them in case they have missed a class.

Recorded lectures also enable students to catch up quickly and do not require them to miss out on crucial pieces of information or devalue their studies.

4. The Interior layout: The future classroom is sure to be an ever-evolving space, designed to extend beyond the traditional confines of physical walls and provide a learning experience that transcends. High-tech gadgets such as projectors, tablets, monitors, and interactive whiteboards could be integrated as well. Seating will be flexible to adapt to the needs of students, with standing desks accommodating learners who have difficulty staying focused in a seated position. For individual activities, there'll be private workstations while dedicated group workspaces facilitate inspiring projects. To make sure students stay breathing fresh air, quality indoor ventilation and air circulation will also be provided. These thoughtfully crafted learning spaces can radically enhance performance and help realize the full potential of learners.

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